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June 9, 2009 Monthly Board Minutes

Town of Pound
Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
June 9, 2009

The Town of Pound monthly board meeting for June 2009 was called to order by Chairman Heroux at 6:02 pm.

Roll call
Chairman – Jerry Heroux __X___ Supervisor – Elmer Risner __X___
Supervisor – Leonard Semrau __X___ Supervisor – David Pellman __X___
Supervisor – John Gaffney __X___ Treasurer – Janelle Rymer __X___
Clerk – Walter Peterson __X___

Guest: Dan Risner (Dan Risner Excavating), Patricia (Sokol) Lewis, Ken Sokol, Darren Story (Northeast Asphalt), Patrick Schlies (Scott Construction), Jason Martin (Jackie Foster Inc.)

Chairman Heroux informed the body that the meeting notices had been posted in the three regular posting areas, Town Hall, Recycle Center and Equity Hall.

Motion to approve the two(2) request to address the Town Board from Ken Sokol and Patricia Lewis was submitted by Supervisor Semrau, seconded by Supervisor Pellman, carried 5/0.

Motion to approve the June agenda was submitted by Supervisor Pellman, seconded by Supervisor Semrau, carried 5/0

Motion to approve the May 12, 2009, Monthly Town Board Meeting Minutes was tabled.

Treasurer Rymer presented an adjusted April 2009 financial report with Money Market Account at Associated Bank modified from the original printed April beginning balance of $139,364.33 to the correct amount of $141,364.33.
Treasurer Rymer then presented the May 2009 financial report which included the following account balances:
Money Market Account – Associated Bank = $141,541.19
Money Market Account – Peshtigo National Bank = $170,263.48
Checking Account – Peshtigo National Bank = $2,000.00
Total = $313,804.67
Submitted on May receipt #’s 4804 through 4812 totaling $1,083.35. Motion to approve was made by Supervisor Pellman, seconded by Supervisor Risner, carried 5/0

Clerk Peterson presented June 2009 vouchers (check # 9729 through check # 9752) totaling $7,592.13. Motion to approve the submitted vouchers was made by Supervisor Risner, seconded by Supervisor Semrau, carried 5/0.

Zoning Administrator Peterson submitted Building Permits 2009-08 and 2009-09 for approval. Motion to approve the permits was made by Supervisor Gaffney, seconded by Supervisor Risner, carried 5/0.

Clerk Peterson submitted Operator License #554 for approval. Motion to approve the permit was made by Supervisor Pellman, seconded by Supervisor Risner, carried 5/0.

Public Comments:

Ken Sokol:

The N 19th Road TEA project is an unnecessary project. It will add little value to affected property and consume a significant amount of land. The road will add additional maintenance expenses for the Town and be of very little benefit.

Patricia (Sokol) Lewis:

Our family is opposed to building of the N 19th Road on the west of my fathers property. It would take more property away from our farm.
I don’t believe this construction would be beneficial compared to the cost. The Town would be better to build an overpass on W 16th Road. I don’t believe that in a real emergency the fire or ambulance would use this route. They would use the shortest route possible and that would be the Rosner previous driveway crossing the freeway and then using Augie Rosner’s new driveway.
I think this money could be better used on other projects that would benefit more people or build an overpass (which should have been done when the freeway was built).

Chairman Heroux open the sealed bids received on 2009 Highway Construction projects:


Project Contractor Reconst Gravel Limest Pitt Run Total Survey

P2009-02 Dan Risner Const 9,550.00 10,771.20 20,321.20 1,000.00
W 4th Road 9,550.00 12,038.40 21,588.40 1,000.00

Jackie Foster 26,013.00 17,813.00 43,826.00 1,320.00

Richlen Excavating 8,175.00 11,088.00 19,263.00
8,175.00 12,672.00 20,847.00

Marinette County 24,950.00 24,950.00

Peters Concrete 30,850.00 30,850.00

P2009-04 Dan Risner Const 8,141.00 4,514.40 2,860.00 15,515.40 400.00
W 8th Road
Jackie Foster 6,595.00 8,648.00 15,243.00 330.00

Richlen Excavating 6,680.00 4,752.00 4,324.00 15,756.00

Marinette County 10,750.00 10,750.00

Peters Concrete 38,450.00 38,450.00

P2009-06 Dan Risner Const 4,800.00 5,385.60 10,185.60 500.00
S 23rd Road 4,800.00 6,019.20 10,819.20 500.00

Jackie Foster 3,899.00 7,747.00 11,646.00 660.00

Richlen Excavating 4,675.00 4,672.80 9,347.80
4,675.00 6,019.20 10,694.20

Marinette County 9,050.00 9,050.00

Peters Concrete 13,100.00 13,100.00


Final Asphalt
Projects Contractor Hot Mix Cold Mix Grade Shoulders Total Per Ton Tons

P2009-03 NEA 67,820.20 1,570.00 69,390.20 50.20 1,351.00
W 4th Road
Murphy - MCC 83,762.00 2,400.00 86,162.00 62.00 1,351.00

Marinette County 65,523.50 2,500.00 1,050.00 69,073.50 48.50 1,351.00

Scott Construction 55,256.00 2,400.00 3,300.00 60,956.00 40.90 1,351.00

P2009-04 Marinette County 14,744.00 375.00 15,119.00 48.50 304.00
W 8th Road
Jackie Foster 17,328.00 1,520.00 675.00 19,523.00 57.00 304.00

P2009-07 NEA 33,935.20 740.00 34,675.20 50.20 676.00
S 23rd Road
Murphy - MCC 41,912.00 1,200.00 43,112.00 62.00 676.00

Marinette County 32,786.00 600.00 1,484.00 34,870.00 48.50 676.00

Scott Construction 27,648.40 1,300.00 1,650.00 30,598.40 40.90 676.00

Project / Committee Updates:

Marinette County Board Activities - Jerry Pillath

Building & Grounds Maintenance – Supervisor Semrau
• Septic System scheduled to be pumped out Tuesday, June 23, 2009
• Clerk Peterson will notify the State of Wisconsin Department of Health that Town of Pound will not apply for a campground permit at Montana Lake Park

Highway Maintenance – Supervisor Semrau
• Continued discussion (fact finding) on options to purchase a new Highway Maintenance truck.

Highway Construction – Supervisor Pellman / Chairman Heroux

Plan Commission – Supervisor Gaffney
• Next Plan Commission meeting, Tuesday, July 28, 2009 @ 6:30 pm.
• Current activities include:
o Writing a job description for the Zoning Administratot
o New building permit design – one permit for new structure construction and a second permit for existing structure modifications.
o Listing of issues for Jim VanLannen to review
o Municipal Court planned to be available by end of summer.

Board of Appeals
• The next Board of Appeals meeting is scheduled on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 @ 6:30 pm.

Recycle Center / Solid Waste Collection – Supervisor Gaffney

Animal Control – continue to used Highway Maintenance crew on an as needed basis

Emergency Government – Chairman Heroux
• Chairman Heroux read a letter from Marinette County about the first confirmed case of H1N1 by a student from Marinette Catholic Central School.

Business Issues:

• Fire Department pond will probably be moved again to a new location just off County Road M on David Kamps property. Liability issue will be review with Rural Mutual agent Melvin Gross
• Motion to approve an original liquor license application received from Vernon Gisenas – agent for Equity Community Hall was submitted by Supervisor Risner, seconded by Supervisor Gaffney, carried 5/0.
• Motion to approve a renewal liquor license application received from Tracy Cornell – Agent for Tracy’s Bar was submitted by Supervisor Gaffney, seconded b y Supervisor Risner, carried 5/0.
• Chairman Heroux with submit “Employee Handbook” section 5.9 for approval at the July 2009 Monthly Board Meeting.
• Open Book (held Tuesday, June 9 from Noon until 2:00 pm) issues related to address corrections need on tax statements. Mel Raatz will look into why the problems continue to occur. Treasurer Rymer has forms for property owners to submit address changes to Marinette County – a $5.00 fee is required

Motion to adjourn was made by Supervisor Risner, seconded by Supervisor Semrau, carried 5/0 @ 8:44 pm

Respectfully, Walter Peterson – Clerk


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