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W8484 County Road B, Coleman,  WI  54112
Phone: 920-897-4211  |  Fax: 920-897-2269
Website: townofpoundwi.com

Gerald “Jerry” Heroux 
N3104 N 1st Road
Pound,  WI  54161
Phone: 715-789-2275
Cell:    920-591-0677
e-mail: topchair@centurytel.net
David “Dave” Pellman
N2966 N 11th Road
Coleman,  WI  54112
Phone:    920-897-2699
e-mail: topsupervisor1@centurytel.net
John Gaffney
N3463 Townline Road
Pound,  WI  54161
Phone: 715-923-5940

Mike Zeitler
N3825 Townline Road
Pound,  WI  54161
Phone:    920-373-2331

  Leonard Semrau
W9846 W 16th Road
Pound,  WI  54161
Phone:    920-590-2755
e-mail: topsupervisor2@centurytel.net
Janelle Rymer
N3870 N 13th Road
Pound,  WI  54161
Phone:    920-591-0822
e-mail: toptreasurer@centurytel.net
Tammy Kasal
W7137 County Road B
Coleman,  WI  54112
Phone:    715-938-4569 
e-mail: topclerk@centurytel.net

Zoning Administrator:
Tom Rich 
W6995 E 20th Road
Pound, WI 54161

  Deputy Clerk:
Dorothy Kaminski
N2755 S Park Avenue
Coleman,  WI  54112
Phone:    920-897-2316
e-mail: topclerk2@centurytel.net

M & O Land Survey & Assessing Services
Jerry Pillath
W8165 County Road P
Pound, WI 54161
Phone: 920-897-2681
e-mail: jpillath@ez-net.com

   Building Inspector:
Nature's Edge Inspection Agency
Jane Meissner
W11954 Kitty Dell Circle
Crivitz, WI 54114
Phone: 715-923-0677
e-mail: nebuildinginspector@gmail.com
website: www.naturesedge.me


Board of Appeals    
Dorothy Kaminski N2755 S Park Avenue,  Coleman 920-897-2316
Kathie Heroux     - Secretary N3104 N 1st Road,  Pound 715-789-2275
Mary Prior NS 31st Road,  Coleman 920-897-2857
Richard Steiner - President N2704 S 11th Road,  Coleman    920-897-2367
Howard Rhode N4090 N 3rd Road,  Pound 715-789-2369
Gary Gluth N2663 Belguim Road,  Coleman 920-897-2902
Bill Conrad W8347 County Road B,  Coleman 920-897-3799
Plan Commission Members    
Roger Gusick – President W10174 County Road Q,  Pound 920-897-3789
John Wendler – Secretary W7206 County Road B,  Coleman 920-897-2411
Tom Prue W8407 County Road Q,  Pound 920-897-3841
Myron Nasgovitz N2015 State Highway 141,  Coleman 920-897-3695
John Gaffney    N3463 Town Line Road,  Pound 715-789-2913







Town of Pound, Marinette County, Wisconsin
W8484 County Road B, Coleman, WI 54112
Tel. (920) 897-4211 | Fax (920) 897-2269
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